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Paper Maché Mask - Part II

The last time I talked to you about paper mâché, it was in June! In fact, I have been so busy this summer working as a producer for the National Film Board of Canada (on the GDP web documentary project) that I did not find much time to work onmy son’s Halloween Spartan costume.

However, I dedicated a few hours per week and finally got some results in October, just in time for the Halloween festive day...

Once the mask was removed from its plaster base, the hardest part of this project was to secure and finalize the structure by adding the typical red mohawk that’s usually on top of these helmets. As my son and I wanted to do things by ourselves without buying any new stuff, a used exterior broom inspired us for that. Great idea!

I must say I really liked the unpainted mask, its texture and colour. The recycled paper I chose is so easy to use. It was Mathieu René’s recommendation. I used it combined with wood exterior glue that was diluted with water.

I would have kept the mask this way. However, we wanted to faint a metal effect, so I did a few tests before, mainly with the shield and weapon, also part of the costume. In the end, I did sand the surface, but I deliberately kept it mostly rough, for an hammered look.

How do you find the results? Feel free to share your feedback. Thanks to my husband Martin for the great photographs.


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Paper Maché Mask - Part II

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