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Fascinated by Dolls

Shortly before Christmas 1995, I bought The Ultimate Doll Book by Caroline Goodfellow published by Dorling Kindersley Ltd. Among all the beautiful dolls listed in this book, I noticed a few pieces by E. J. Taylor, one of the greatest artists in dollmaking. Born in the United States, he has been living in England for the past years.

Taylor’s dolls (a few elves he created for the famous Tiffany window in New York) were so remarkably human and gave me such profound emotions that I decided to experiment dollcrafting myself. I must say though that I was a gifted child, talented at drawing and sculpting, so this new project of mine did not appear at first too difficult. I was wrong! I was discovering a very exciting but demanding hobby...

Soon after reading The Ultimate Doll Book, I bought every magazine or book that was published on the subject. For months, I tried several sculpting medium (throwing lots of unfinished figures in my dolls cemetery) before discovering a durable, smooth and easy-to-use product called Creative Paperclay and shortly affer, this other air dry stone clay called LaDoll, which I have settled upon. The New Yorker Robert Keene McKinley, who died in 1994, often used paperclay for his own characters and wrote, to my opinion, the best how-to book on sculpting dolls with this medium. (See my Bibliographical References).

Little by little, I got familiar with the work of the best contemporary doll artists, the main doll organizations (NIADA, ODACA, CDAA, etc.) Besides the late Robert McKinley and Bill Wiley, my favorite artists are E.J. Taylor, Bill Nelson, Nancy Wiley, Susanna Oroyan, Antonette Cely, Akira Blount, Shelley Thornton, Marlaine Verhelst, Robert Doucette & Tom Slotten, and the long acclaimed Canadian puppeteer Ronnie Burkett.

I spend every hour I can creating my own character dolls, even though I work full time as a TV producer and Internet and e-commerce expert.

In 1997, I wrote a book, Zoom on miniatures, based on a peculiar exhibit on miniatures that was held in Québec City at the Musée de la civilisation. Finally, I have been writing short stories, children stories and more recently screenplays that I intend to get published in the future. Let us say that I am a self-taught artist, I’m proud of it!

I hope to reach high level of artistry and to join the prestigious National Institute of Ameri- can Doll Artists, among all the best known doll artists in the world. In the meantime, I work hard to improve my techniques, and I cultivate friendships with fellow doll artists and doll enthusiasts around the world.


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